Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rule/Suck '07

This has become my December tradition. Things that ruled and sucked in the past year.

- my girlfriend. How anyone can tolerate my nonsense is beyond me.
- Japan 2 times, Australia 2 times, New Zealand 2 times, England 3 times, Europe 3 times, Russia, South Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico City, etc. 6 months later and I already need new passport pages.
- having the world's easiest job. I kind of wish this one wasn't coming to an end.
- Rick and I moving
- Rock Rock in Osaka, Japan. Top 5 in the best nights ever on tour. All time. Hands down.
- My new TV. I'm already replacing it most likely.
- Hot Doug's, Kuma's Corner, BW3, Pepper Lunch, Lazo's, and Hooters. If I could just eat at these 6 places in succession, over and over I would be totally happy.
- Every Time I Die- The Big Dirty. I didn't even know I liked these guys. Keith and Jordan Buckley killed it this year.
- "family vacation" in Los Angeles. I kind of had fun this time around.
- The Oasis DVD, "Lord Don't Slow Me Down"
- Bowling in the penthouse suite at the Hard Rock Las Vegas. I can't believe this actually exists. When people talk about how wasteful and ridiculous America is, this is what they are referring to.
- This video :

- Not giving a fuck about anything.
- Act Right. 2008 is going to be our year. You heard it here first.
- Superbad. "What like... a man-dick?"
- the DVR
- My iPhone. I hacked it to work on T-Mobile. Fuck all y'all!
- my bank account
- The Office, Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon Ramsey and John Kransinski are my new favorite people alive.
- Me. As usual.

- Having my laptop, iPod, passport, camera, keys, and checkbook stolen from a hotel lobby in London, England. And everyone wonders why I hate England.
- The writer's strike. Yeah, I really did NOT enjoy watching new episodes of The Office. Thanks assholes.
- Missing the VMAs.. It was for a good reason, but it still sucks. I kind of wanted to party with Kanye and Rhianna.
- Airports. I saw a WHOLE LOT of them this year.
- The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, CA. I'm going to get a lot of shit for this one, but you know what... I have earned the right to complain about luxury hotels. They're pretty worthless. I thought someone was going to hand me a vacuum and put me to work when I walked in. Super cracka!
- Professional roadies AKA lifers. I don't care about lights, rigging, video screens, pyro, etc... I'm sure you don't either. What happened to rock n roll?
- Radio DJs. Someone needs to round these people up in a room and kill them. All of them.
- DJs in general. There's about 4 of you who are doing anything creative. Everyone else is just playing the same lame stuff over and over. Do they just hand out DJ nights to anyone with an iPod or a MacBook now?
- Buying a laptop in England. This was an annoying experience. I now own a computer with a "£" in place of a "$" and a giant power plug. Great.
- Radio X-Mas concerts. I have always dreamed of doing a show with Avril Lavigne, Lifehouse, and that guy who sings that "Suicidal" song.

I'm sure there was more. I just want to get this thing done.


Fray said...

How great is that Oasis dvd!
Oasis is one of the few things that make England bearable!
Glad you finally started a designated blogspot man,enjoyed the myspace stuff.

atarigeek said...

i still havent been to hot dougs.
bah humbug