Friday, January 9, 2009

Owning the "other product"

Growing up, I didn't always have what the other kids had. While everyone was playing Pac-Man on their Atari, I had an Intellivision. Some people ate at McDonald's; I got Mom's homemade burger ala Eddie Murphy Raw. While I realize now that these were character building experiences and actually Intellivision was fucking badass in retrospect (Helllllo... BURGERTIME anyone?), it's definitely a slight disappointment as an 8 year old kid who's not eating happy meals.

Enter the SanDisk slotRadio.

Can you imagine the utter sadness as a young kid on Christmas who wants nothing more than an iPod opens up this fail of an invention? Here's some smashing features of this extremely well thought out "other product" :

- No back button. Like that song you just heard? Wait 'til the other 1000 songs on it play through, or just press skip 999 times. IT'S THAT EASY!!!

- Fixed queue. What that means is.... no shuffle. Also, it starts back at the first song every time you turn it on.

Read more about this highly sought after device that all the kids want here!

Note to parents : Kids don't want this thing or anything like it. The above was sarcasm. Get on "the google" and learn about it.


I'm beth. said...

ooh oohh i was that kids too!!
i had intellivision!!
and when everyone had nes, i had sega genesis.
when everyone had super nintendo, i had 3DO.
oh yes. i had 3DO.

Stephanie said...

Matt and I had Intellivision (No Atari for us either...)and I ROCKED Burgertime. Did you have the Kool Aid Man game? What else? Frog Bog (the generic Frogger), Snafu, and wasn't there a Shark game?