Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I live my life like there's no tomorrow

You need this. I need this. What I really need is someone to turn the really long one at the bottom into a ringtone for me. Please. I'm begging.

In case you're wondering and you're really going to do that for me, I have an iPhone. Click this thing below and listen to the magic that is David Lee Roth!!


Aileen Burns said...

Dashboard's FOH guy used to use the "OHHH YESSS" during their set on Rock Band Live tour. Hilarious to everyone on tour, but totally over the audience's heads.

I totally back you making this into a ringtone.

dj dan suh aka koreantomcruise said...

best. website. ever.

Chris said...

Hey did you ever get your ring tone? If not I can make it for you easy. Or show you how. if you have a mac it takes 5 secs to turn anything into a ringtone free.