Sunday, December 27, 2009

How could I forget?

It's been ages since I posted anything here. I sort of ran of out of cool, weird internet things. Not to mention, I started to realize that I was a miserable, cynical person incapable of feeling compassion for anyone at all. After mocking everything from Canadian television to Juggalos to Kanye West, I figured it was time to take a break from the world of blogging. My 15 followers were extremely pissed.

My 2000+ Twitter followers however were not, since I continue to post every day, ridiculous minutiae that no one in their right mind should care about. And, on those off days when I'm feeling extra spicy, I have to field tons of @ replies from morons I have never met who feel the need to tell me that an opinion can be wrong. Your complaints have fallen on my hearing impaired, too-old-to-give-a-shit ears. Your replies may end up being the basis for a series of "can you believe these idiots?" posts. Like everything else in my life - I'm working on it.

Well... every time I take a little break from my globe trotting I find time to get back onto this thing and give it another go 'round for a few months. Expect a few updates really soon.

To answer a question I did get a long time ago : No, I will never have a Tumblr. Old Man Diaz likes Blogspot. You kids and your fancy Tumblrs are for the birds.


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how is life going. from a old long time fan, drinking a few too many beers and listening too some good old moon ska ska comps thinking about the good old days and the wetlands nyc.

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