Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lil' Wayne can't "fuck every girl in the world"

Multi-platinum selling hip-hop artist Lil' Wayne has expressed his carnal desire to "fuck every girl in the world" on his track 'Every Girl'. While this is truly a noble goal often sought after but never really achieved before, Lil' Wayne has been known to surprise us time after time. Maybe it's true. Maybe he can fulfill his desire to have sex with every known female on planet Earth. After all, we're not the same as him. He has expressed before that he is a Martian, and his face tattoo does tell us that he IS music.

Here's the song if you don't know what I'm talking about ...

After some calculation it was decided that this task was completely impossible. Assuming that Wayne lives to be 72 (a generous estimate considering the amount of weed he smokes and cough syrup/alcohol concoctions he drinks), and that he is able to maintain his sexual stamina until the minute of his death, also not accounting for births, deaths, and other mitigating factors surrounding all the females on Earth, he would have to have intercourse with a staggering number of women.

Lil' Wayne, age 27, would have to have sex with 243,531 girls a DAY starting pretty much right now to reach his goal of having sex with the planet's roughly 3 billion women.

I'm sorry Weezy. I wanted to believe, but numbers are numbers. It just can't be done.


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asosoutfitter said...

adore lil' wayne! i'm sure he could reach his target of however many million if he really tried. One word to describe him, Lush!